Those old 35mm slides you took during the 60’s and 70’s are no longer in use unless you are in possession of an old 35mm slide projector.  Or you may have a projector and it’s broken or you can’t get a replacement bulb for these old devices.
These are probably your best pictures of very important people, places, special events, or some other significant image of your past history.  If you’re the type of person who never wants to get rid of something important and nostalgic, these slides are probably in a box under your bed, in the closet, or in the basement.  These treasured moments have not only become vulnerable to color degradation and scratches, but are at risk of becoming forgotten!
Why are you saving them if they cannot be shared with your family and friends?  Contact FROMECO PRODUCTIONS and have these old 35mm slides converted to electronic media (DVD or CD) and/or have good quality pictures made to share with others.  With your slide images in a digital format the are much easier to view and share. And most importantly, they will be protected from physical damage

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Our prices include us keeping an ARCHIVED COPY of all your 35mm slide images. If you or a family member needs an extra copy, or if something happens to your DVD, just contact us and we can make another copy for a reasonable charge.
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