Children's Photo Shoots
Children's Photos

FROMECO PRODUCTIONS' goal is to create beautiful portraits in a comfortable relaxed environment and to make your portrait session FUN! Everyone wants beautiful portraits of their children, but the process is often not an enjoyable experience. So often, the day is dreaded, children are warned to be on their best behavior, and the resulting photographs reflect the stress experienced by children and parents alike. I prefer to conduct my sessions in your home or in a place where you and your children are familiar and comfortable such as a local park because I believe that it is easier to relax and be yourselves. This will result in the very best possible portraits.

The session can be done with natural light in your home or I may add some simple portable studio lighting if necessary. I will strive to use your home or the location of your choosing as the backdrop of the portraits, however I do have a portable studio with backdrops and studio lighting that I am able to set up if there is available space. Sessions usually last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. I will never hurry you along and we can take all the time needed to be sure that we get a good sampling of portraits for you to choose from. Newborns and young babies often need the most time as they will often require comforting, soothing and nursing.

If there are important items that you would like to have included in the portrait such as a special blanket or toy, please have them ready and prepared prior to the session.


When planning for your session, clothing should be a top priority.. It is of extreme importance and should be considered and coordinated carefully. Your clothing choices will be a big determining factor in the final outcome of your portraits. Clothing should be of neutral colors and have a timeless feel to them. You should avoid logos and loud bright colors as these do not photograph well and will draw attention away from the subject. Newborns and babies photograph best in their own skin. A simple diaper cover or less will result in the best portrait of your new baby. If more than one person will be included in the session, clothing tones and styles should match to be sure that attention is not drawn to the clothing instead of the subjects. The main focus of the portrait should be the person being photographed and not what they are wearing

All pictures will be posted on our website for viewing and/or additional purchases.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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