Family Portrait Photo Shoots
Family Portrait

A family is the most important part of everybody's life.They care for you and know every part of you. Wouldn't you like to capture all this love and care in one big photo frame and call it your family portrait? Family portraits are not only for the guests to see and admire, they also symbolize the feeling of unity and belongingness of the family members towards each other. If you want to get your family portrait, we can help you with some simple but attractive family portrait ideas.

A family portrait need not be a plain photo shoot in a studio, with all the family members dressed in good clothes, standing around their grandparents and parents giving a big smile. It can be taken at any of your family's favorite places with all your family members laughing and posing with funny actions. A family portrait gives an idea of how exactly your family is altogether.

Weather permitting, Fromeco Productions will be happy to do some indoor and outdoor or all of one or the other.  These pictures are both “posed portraits” as well as “interactive” shots where the subjects are not looking directly into the camera.  We usually photograph each child separate, the children together and then the family together.  If you would like, we would be happy to photograph Dad and Mom together without the children as well – when was the last time you had a picture of just the two of you?

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What to wear?

I have several suggestions for family pictures.  I love blue jeans and I love casual, but if that is not you then don’t wear it!!  I think that patterns are o.k. as long as they are only being worn by one or two of the people in the family.  The rest of the family can then pick one of the colors in the pattern to wear and blend it in that way.

I also like layers – I think that this is an easy way to add depth to a picture.  The warmer colors are also always a hit – those rusty oranges, barnyard reds and harvest gold’s really photograph well. 

Stay away from bright primary colors as they tend to be so bright that they can cast their color on to the skin tone of the individual being photographed.  Any emblem or advertisement on your clothing will also become the focal point, so unless that is your purpose (i.e. Cardinals, Rams, Blues apparel), then eliminate the emblems. 

Keep in mind that regardless of when you are having your picture taken, everyone should look as though they are in the same season.  Shorts and pants do not photograph well together.  Shorts and skirts are fine, Pants and skirts are fine and cropped pants can go with either shorts or pants.  If one person is barefoot, (unless it is a baby), then everyone should be barefoot. 

Always wear something that is natural to you. 

All pictures will be posted on our website for viewing and/or additional purchases.  The Fromeco Productions Staff is looking forward to hearing from you soon!!