Funeral Photo and Video Shoots

A Celebration of Life is the 'new' funeral or memorial service. It provides a positive focus on your loved one's life while everyone says their good-byes.  It celebrates life instead of dwelling on death. This celebration is often held immediately after death and is then referred to as a funeral.  But it's not like the funeral you went to when you were a 12 year old; then you slept with the lights on for months.

A Celebration of Life is actually an uplifting service and allows people to laugh and/or cry, whatever their preference.  Some  choose to have private funerals and then hold the Ceremony several weeks or months after the death of your loved one. This provides ample time to plan this special good-bye, and can be better customized according to your wishes.

Photos and Videos will be made of the complete event  using Fromeco Productions professional staff.  We are focused on delivering your vision and in the process make memories that you can share in the future.  From planning your special funeral to the final design of your product, we walk with you step by step.  Our staff will cover one or more of the following:

1.Activities at the Funeral Home or place of worship where people pay their respects to the departed.. If desired, short interviews can be made at this site.

2.Ceremony at the Church, Chapel, Temple, Mosque, Synagogue, Friends meeting house, Dehrasar, or some other type of religious establishment.

3.The burial site will cover the various activities conducted by the religious authority, family, military, or some other important tradition.

4.The Gathering which is usually held at a private home, hall, funeral home, restaurant, or some other place where people gather, talk about the departed, and participate in consuming nourishments.  If desired, short interviews can be made at this site.

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