The finest way to share your digital photos and videos with music is to use FROMECO, PRODUCTIONS professional movie making services.
Our prices include us keeping an ARCHIVED COPY of the DVD that contains the professional movie made of your digital photos and videos. If you or a family member needs an extra copy, or if something happens to your CD or DVD, just contact us and we can make another copy for a reasonable charge.

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If it's a wedding, graduation, baptism, or some other event, wouldn't  it be great to have the occasion put on a DVD so it can be seen on your wide screen TV.  You could share it with your family and friends in the comfort of your home.  Fromeco Productions uses state of the art computer software, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate to create this masterpiece of your life or a special event you want to treasure.  The methodology used in accomplishing this task is as follows:

1.Take digital or printed photos and animate them, if desired, then add edited videos.

2.The developed movie could also be made with just photos or videos.

3.Music of your choice could be added and streamlined (decrease or increase volume) when the videos are played.

4.Converted 35mm slides and/or super 8mm or regular 8mm could also be added to the movie.

Your DVD will be developed with a selected Chapter Theme of your choice.
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