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Experienced Multifunctional Photographer and Videographer in St. Louis

** Weddings to include the engagement ceremony, bridal shower, bachelor party, rehearsal function/dinner, church ceremony, reception, and private photos. The private photos are usually taken at a unique location such as Grants Farm, Forest Park, St Louis Arch or other locations requested by the customer.
** Children’s Portraits with or without favorite items/toys either inside or outside. Fromeco Productions creates beautiful portraits in a comfortable relaxed environment and to make the child’s portrait session FUN!
** Family Portraits can be taken either inside at the customer’s home, Fromeco Studio, or a special location either outside or inside. Emphasis is placed on the family’s love and care to be captured in one big photo to be shared by many.
** Senior Pictures to include formal or informal attire. The shooting can be taken inside or outside at the customers favorite location such as park, lake, school, church, home, or another special location.
** Real Estate Photos and Virtual Tours can sell a house. Fromeco Productions will provide you with an experienced photographer or videographer in St Louis to showcase properties with style and drama.
** Insurance Documented Videos is the best way to prove to an insurance company with what you had before it was destroyed by a fire, flood, explosion, tornado, hurricane, or some other natural or manmade disaster. Fromeco Productions captures your possessions with professional photos, videos, and virtual tour images.
** Wedding Anniversaries to include the formal function and the party.
** Company, school, church, community, or personal Presentations to be captured for future viewing by the customer or others.
** School, community, church, or neighborhood Sport Activities to include interviews of the athletes.
** Preschool, kindergarten, grade school, high school, trade school or college Graduations to include the ceremony and the party.
** Special Culture Activities such as Emancipation Day, Japanese New Year, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and many more.
** Military Events to include, acceptance at a military academy, overseas deployment, welcome home celebration, training exercise, or other special military activity.
** Funerals are a celebration of the life of the departed. It provides a positive focus on your loved one's life while everyone says their good-byes. It celebrates life instead of dwelling on death. The preservation of an individuals final celebration can be captured for individuals who could not make the event or for historical purposes can be made by creating a special DVD.  The Fromeco St Louis photographer or videographer will cover one or all of these important activities.
** Personal historical interviews about a person’s life, their career, family, relatives, friends and other significant individuals.
** Veteran interviews covering a person’s wartime and/or peacetime career in the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, or the Merchant Marine.
** A job seeking interview prepares the customer for an actual face to face interview. Reviewing the job seeking interview could point out weaknesses and strengths so corrective action can be taken prior to the interview. The DVD that contains the interview could also be mailed to potential employers.
** If it's a wedding, graduation, baptism, or some other event, wouldn't it be great to have the occasion made into a Movie and put on a DVD so it can be seen on your wide screen TV. You could share it with your family and friends in the comfort of your home. Your FROMECO, PRODUCTIONS wedding photographer in St. Louis uses state of the art computer software to create this masterpiece of your life or a special event you want to treasure.
Religious Activities such as a Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Kiddushin, Buddha Day, Bodhi Day, Mahavira Jayanti, Diwali, Ayyám-i-Ha, Navaratri, Naam Karan, Anand Karaj, or any other important religious event can be captured by using Fromeco Productions quality services.
After years of serving a company there is no better way to celebrate a Retirement than to have it captured with photographs and videos to be viewed in your later years,  This DVD can also be shared with others who could not attend the retirement ceremony.